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The 3rd Annual Immunogenicity and Tolerance Seminar

November 9th, 2017

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This ​meeting ​will ​focus ​on ​the ​determinants ​of ​immunogenicity ​– ​a ​key ​feature ​of ​effective ​vaccines ​and ​a ​key ​barrier ​to ​success ​in ​the ​clinic ​for ​protein ​therapeutics. ​Conversely, ​tolerance ​induction ​is ​a ​key ​feature ​of ​successful ​protein ​therapeutics, ​while ​suppressing ​immune ​responses ​to ​vaccines. ​The ​reduction ​of ​T ​cell ​epitopes ​and ​introduction ​of ​Treg ​epitopes ​(like ​Tregitopes) ​for ​protein ​therapeutics, ​and ​the ​reverse ​process ​for ​vaccines, ​will ​be ​discussed ​and ​illustrated ​in ​case ​studies. ​

Enjoy engaging presentations, case studies and discussions with speakers to include Dr. Annie ​De ​Groot, MD (EpiVax CEO), Wim ​Jiskoot, ​PhD (Leiden ​Academic ​Centre for Drug Research), Vincent ​Lombardi, ​PhD (Stallergenes), Ab ​Osterhaus, DVM ​PhD (University ​of ​Veterinary ​Medicine ​in ​Hannover, ​Germany), Bram ​Slütter, ​PhD (Leiden ​University) and Jagadeesh ​Bayry, DVM PhD (Institut ​National ​de ​la ​Santé ​et ​de ​la ​Recherche ​Médicale ​(INSERM) ​Unité), Julien Karrich, PhD (Sanquin), and Eduardo Guillen, PhD (EpiVax).

Food, refreshments and cocktail hour to conclude.

Register today to reserve your seat, and discover the positive reputation of our seminar:
“Good combination of talks about determinants of immunogenicity and tolerance. Very well hosted by Annie; made good connections between people in audience Good networking possibilities”

“Wide variety of topics related to immunogenicity, it forces us to go outside of our usual domain of expertise.”