EpiVax is celebrating its 21st birthday in Providence by renewing its commitment to improving human health everywhere and highlighting the work of two not-for-profit organizations that have been partners with EpiVax for nearly all of those 21 years.

One of these organizations is Clínica Esperanza/Hope Clinic (CEHC). Located in the Valley neighborhood of Providence near EpiVax’s headquarters, CEHC provides walk-in primary care to over 2,000 uninsured immigrants and refugees in Rhode Island. CEHC’s walk-in clinic, CHEER, has made healthcare more accessible to individuals.

CHEER has been estimated to save more than $500,000 per year in Emergency Room costs for uninsured residents. Aligning with EpiVax’s mission, we have employees who are active volunteers at the clinic. Additionally, EpiVax grants quarterly support to bilingual, bi-cultural physicians-in-training who serve as Associate Medical Directors at CEHC.

GAIA Vaccine Foundation (GAIA VF) is another local organization that EpiVax has kindly contributed to. Not only do GAIA VF and EpiVax share an office space, but EpiVax’s CEO also serves as the volunteer Scientific Director of GAIA VF. Since 2001, EpiVax has supported efforts to diminish the impact of emerging and neglected infectious diseases in West Africa. Dedicated to improving access to vaccines, GAIA VF has initiated innovative projects. One notable project is the 2015 Grand Challenges-funded “Story Telling Cloth.” This is a campaign that raises awareness about the human papilloma virus and cervical cancer.

EpiVax employees are also involved in the VaxGivesBack corporate responsibility committee. The committee organizes volunteer opportunities and giving campaigns that support local organizations. Together, EpiVax and VaxGivesBack have generously pledged to contribute $50,000 annually to not-for-profits in the lower income neighborhoods of Olneyville and Valley, where the company is headquartered.