By popular request, we created a brief presentation that compares EpiVax’s ISPRI system to the IEDB database, for the purpose of protein therapeutic immunogenicity assessment and deimmunization. We have a number of clients who try to use the IEDB website for immunogenicity prediction, before acquiring our tools. We are often asked to compare the approaches. As you may know, data shows that the T cell response is a major driver of immunogenicity and assessing T cell epitope content is essential for producing low-risk therapeutics. ISPRI was specifically designed, and tested, to assess the immunogenic potential of protein sequences. ISPRI has published results of predicting immunogenicity in humans and is in use by most of the large biopharma companies worldwide. Also, many groups have our expert Bioinformatics team use ISPRI for them and produce a PreDeFT Report.

Please enjoy this presentation by our CEO/CSO, Dr. Annie De Groot, MD. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, there are more videos to come!

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