To our dear friends and colleagues in Japan

We have been following the events that are unfolding in Japan with great concern. Our hearts go out to the victims of the great earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. Please accept our sincere condolences for any loss that you and your companies may have experienced.

We apologize that we will be unable to travel to Japan for the scheduled Immunogenicity seminar at the Westin in March 29, 2011, and that we will not be able to make our scheduled visits to your companies.

Our government currently forbids travel to Japan.  We will reschedule the travel for later on in 2011, and we will let you know if the seminar will take place by webcast in a few months.

On March 29, our team will be in Washington instead of in Tokyo. Once there, we will stop to admire the beautiful cherry trees that your country gave to ours as a gift –they are almost a century old and yet they are always full of beautiful blossoms in the spring.

We believe that Japan, like the sakura, will spring forth with renewed energy and beauty, once the darkness of this winter is over.

To speed your recovery and provide shelter to the victims of the March 11 events, EpiVax will be making a significant donation to the Japanese Red Cross.

We have faith in your resilience and believe that there will be a very speedy recovery of Japanese health, capacity and strength.

Annie De Groot, CEO, for the entire EpiVax company and families.