Just in Time for the Holidays! 

Mr. Biggs says

. . . EpiVax Tools are “Must Haves !”

Something for your Holiday Wish List . .. the ISPRI Toolkit So that you can see what everybody is talking about we just posted a live ISPRI demonstration on our website, narrated by our own Frances Terry, accompanied by her cat, Mr. Biggs. (See if you can hear him harmonize with Frances while she’s explaining Tregitope-adjusted immunogenicity scores. . . ).

And . . . as most of you know, we’re not a very big company! So to have one of our prospective clients say – “you make the tools that people have to use” is extremely gratifying. We take that to mean – our immunogenicity screening tools are useful and add value to the work that our clients do in their pre-clinical pipelineWe work hard to earn that trust! To add us to your holiday Wish List, click here.

. . . in case you thought ISPRI was beyond your reach – check out our ISPRI-HT option (for High Through Put). It’s a great starter package for companies doing high-throughput antibody development, and it is now in use by BioAtla, an innovative antibody CRO. (Click to see more).

. . . It’s a well kept secret that we’re also working on gene-to-vaccine “VaxCellerate” solutions for biodefense with DARPA  (yes, that’s the Department of Defense Geek Squad, or Defense Advanced Research Program Administration) and VIC at MGH. The very same iVAX that DARPA likes is available to our vaccine-design clients. Click this link to learn more about iVAX, the web-based vaccine design version of ISPRI, and click here if you want to add iVAX to your Holiday wish list!

. . . even more publications and the year is not yet over! Check out the latest EpiVax publications on line – we’re up to 25 for this year. The latest is called “Beyond Humanization and Deimmunzation: Tolerization. Click here to see it, and click on the link to preview our (so-called) T-Cell dependent Immunogenicity ‘White Paper’ co-authored with  Amgen, Genentech, Roche.  An independent paper on ISPRI can also be found on-line at this link: https://bit.ly/PlosOne_ISPRI.

To learn more about immunogenicity screening using our tools, please click here, or contact our business development associates, Phoebe De Groot (Europe),  or Anthony Marcello (Americas/Japan). To train on the tools, email Anthony Marcello and he’ll set you up with a webex. Thanks for reading!


CEO/CSO EpiVax, inc.