Hope for HIV Found in Soy Sauce Flavor Enhancer

Talk about re-purposing drugs – the “other” Japanese soy sauce manufacturer Yamasa (not Kikkoman) was developing oligonucleotides (yes!) for flavor enhancing properties. Re-screening their extensive library for potential active drugs,  Dr. Hiroaki Mitsuya (National Institute of Health in Japan) and Dr. Eiichi Kodama (Tohoku University) found a molecule called EFdA that could be useful against HIV. Shown to be a highly effective non nucleoside reverse transcriptase translocation inhibitor (NRTTI), EFdA is now in clinical studies at MerckDr. Stefan Sarianos (University of Missouri) gathered additional data upholding EFdA’s potential for the design of anti-HIV therapeutics, and the molecule is in Phase II trials! Think about that the next time you enjoy take-out sushi! 

Speaking of new drugs, with every new drug development plan, there can be concern about immunogenicity. Oligonucleotide drugs cannot be screened in silico, but they can be checked for immunogenicity in HLA binding assays. We have performed HLA binding assays with small molecules – the results were published by our clients:

We’re also working on HLA binding assays for what we call Gnarly Peptides – (peptides that include artificial amino acids). We actually have a contract for that type of work with the

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Birthday Open House in the Biggest Little!
and…Announcing RI BIO!

EpiVax is proud to be located in the Biggest Little (Rhode Island, 40 miles wide and 60 miles long)! Come see our new HQ at our open house on June 7th, 2019 in Providence – see below for more information. Learn about our immuno-informatics toolkits for Biologics, Peptide Drugs and Vaccines, and hear about our commitment to global health. Write Kathleen if you are interested in attending. Also, we recently hosted RI Bio, Rhode Island’s network for biotechnology companies and academic institutions (a subsidiary of BIO). Check out the great pictures of the EpiBar on our website.

And even more Epi-Parties!

Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy Symposium – New York City, New York
: EpiVax is celebrating the one year anniversary of EpiVax Oncology in NYC with Gad Berdugo, CEO/Co-Founder of EpiVax Oncology. You’re invited to join me on May 14 at 6:00P.M, at our  “Spring Forward” celebration at the W New York Downtown HotelRegister today!

Don’t miss the Puesto Party! Members of the Epi-team will be at TIDES – San Diego, California May 20-23.  [CLICK HERE TO GET A TIDES DISCOUNT.] Learn about EpiVax’s Peptide Abbreviated New Drug Application (PANDAscreening tool at my presentation on May 20 at 3:00P.M. Later in the week, on May 22 at 5:30P.M, you are welcome to join us for a small party at Puesto at the HeadquartersRSVP here!

BIO International – Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaPartner with our Business Development team at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, June 3-6, and learn about EpiVax’s proprietary immunogenicity assessment tools. We also invite you to our reception on June 4 from 7:00P.M to 9:00P.M at the Bellevue Hotel, which is within walking distance of the convention center! RSVP today!

EpiVax / ISPRI Open House and Colloquium – Providence, Rhode Island: You’re invited to our summer event on June 7 at EpiVax’s headquarters. Featuring immunogenicity presentations by Sandra Garces, MD, PhD (Eli Lilly)Jad Maamary, PhD (Merck), and myself, followed by a tour of our Interactive Screening and Protein Reengineering Interface (ISPRI) tool and space. Let us know if you would like to attend!

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