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Even fully human antibodies can be immunogenic (see Mike Clark’s nice paper about that at the link below). It’s about time that someone came up with a new idea. So, we did. .  . . tolerization is the process of introducing tolerogenic sequences into the biologic that are known to trigger expansion of regulatory T cells to promote regulatory T cell responses, downregulating anti-drug-antibodies that might occur. In a just-published paper (open access), we describe the contribution of T cell epitopes to the immunogenicity of biologics, address some of the methods that biologics developers have used to identify these T cell epitopes, and use Campath1H and 1G to illustrate the effects of humanization, de-immunization and tolerization on biologic proteins, as a special case study.
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Get your copy of the article here. And, for dessert, download your (now final) copy of the “T cell “White Paper” at this link: The TCWP.  And oh right – Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! — the EpiVax Crew

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