What’s Cool in 2019? You!
(OK, Your HLA)


2018 brought us the magnificent microbiomegene-edited pigs and ethical debate about gene-editing people. What are your predictions for 2019? We think that global warming will get worse, and that immunoinformatics will be super cool! We predict significant advances in the personalization of vaccines and personalized risk assessment for biologics. Why so? Immuno-oncology is pushing personalized vaccine approaches forward, and the cool kids in the Orphan Disease field will soon be using iTEM (Individualized T cell Epitope Measure) to decide how to triage patients into high-risk and low-risk categories. As it turns out – how you respond to vaccines and biologics is all about you! (OK, so, we mean, your HLA)! Will personalized medicine expand in 2019? Stay tuned!



Cooling Off Inflammation with Regulatory T cells Yes, Tregitopes are Hot!

Be like the cool kids, and get in line with Tregitopes! Since their discovery by EpiVax over a decade ago, these sequences of amino acids have been continuously applied to auto-immune, auto-inflammatory and allergic conditions. Evidence has shown that by selectively activating natural regulatory T cells, Tregitopes can safely diminish unwanted immune responses. Our resolution in 2019? New Tregitope Publications. Come hear about our new Tregitopes in Austria!
To learn more about EpiVax’s Tregitope technology, browse our publications!



We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to the new owner of a Roomba Vacuum Robot,Frank Pezzello from Amgen! EpiVax hopes this dedicated reader prize allows you start 2019 with a shiny cubicle. You will be the envy of your office mates.

Where in the World is EpiVax?
We’re going to . . .

Babraham Immunogenicity Seminar – Cambridge, UK: We invite you to a seminar over lunch in Cambridge at the Babraham Research CampusJohn McCafferty (CEO/Founder, IONTASis kindly hosting us. Katie Porter and I will be presenting the latest in silico and in vitro tools for immunogenicity risk assessment and will do a hands-on demo of our ISPRI toolkit. Bring your wifi-enabled computer. Register here!
European Workshop on Protein Aggregation and Immunogenicity – Salzburg, Austria: Learn about our in silico prediction tools and new Tregitopes on January 28 at the Austria Trend Comfort Hotel Salzburg West.
AsiaTIDES – Tokyo, JapanPANDAs thrive in Asia, so we’re bringing our own! Network with us at the Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel February 26-28 and learn about our Peptide Abbreviated New Drug Application Immunogenicity Risk Assessment Approach, created in response to the draft guidance by the FDA that requests in silico analysis for immunogenicity.
Seoul Immunogenicity and Tolerance Seminar – Seoul, South Korea: On March 4 at the JW Marriott Seoul, experts will share advances in vaccine design, protein drug development and research on Tregs, Tregitopes, immunogenicity, deimmunization, and tolerance induction. Click here to register! Interested in presenting your work? Contact us!
BIO Asia International Conference – Tokyo, Japan: Partner with EpiVax at this exclusive forum that brings together U.S. and European drug development companies with Asian biotech and pharmaceutical companies interested in research collaborations and licensing agreements–March 5-6 at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

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Katie Porter (kporter@epivax.com)
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