ISV 10 PromoAfter 9 years of successful organization of a highly respected international vaccine conference series in collaboration with Elsevier, ISV will become the sole organizer starting in 2016. With the same format and content as in previous 9 years, ISV will be fully responsible for the scientific organization and business management of the meeting, including the selection of Scientific Committee members, selection of invited speakers, design of sessions including their chairs and speakers, review of submitted abstracts, selection of oral presentations and management of congress operation.

  • ISV’s Annual Congress is the world’s largest scientific conference in the field of vaccines to cover broad and balanced topics related to vaccines and immunotherapies
  • ISV Annual Congress invites international leading experts as keynote speakers and has a high percentage of oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts from the global vaccine community
  • ISV is a non-for profit organization, and ISV Annual Congress is not organized to promote any particular commercial products or services from a business entity
  • ISV Annual Congress is managed by global vaccine professionals from all sectors; it is inclusive and not controlled by a small group of individuals
  • The ISV General Membership Meeting is held as part of the Annual Congress to determine key ISV policies and elect members of ISV Executive Board

2016 ISV Annual Congress will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, United States on Oct. 2-4, 2016. Two well-established specialty vaccine conferences will also join the 2016 ISV Annual Congress. Vaccine Renaissance 10 led by Dr. Annie De Groot and previously held annually in Providence, Rhode Island, and the 2016 DNA Vaccine Conference led by Dr. David Weiner and held previously at various locations, will be organized as part of 2016 ISV Annual Congress program. The Institute Pasteur, with its 33 institutes located throughout the world will also join as a collaborator.

2016 ISV Annual Congress will be led by a scientific committee with Dr. Margaret Liu serving as the Chair and Drs. Frédéric Tangy, David Weiner and Annie De Groot as Co-chairs. Boston, with its numerous academic institutions, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies, will attract high-quality participants both locally and globally. Other regional vaccine groups such as the Japanese Society of Vaccines (JSV), the Korean Vaccine Society (KVS), and the newly formed ISV China branch will also join the Congress as co-organizers for certain special sessions

It can be expected that the 2016 ISV Congress will be an extraordinary gathering for the global vaccine community.