7th Antibody Industrial Symposium 2019 (AIS 2019)
“Harnessing the Immune System with Therapeutic Antibodies”
Monday, June 24th – Tuesday, June 25th

Vinci International Convention Centre
26 Boulevard Heurteloup
37000 Tours

The Epi-team will be in Tours, France June 24-26, as they attend AIS 2019 at the Vinci International Convention Centre. If you are attending the conference, we encourage you to stop by our poster: New Regression Model Predicts Antibody Immunogenicity based on Effector and Regulatory T cell Epitope Content. Learn about EpiVax’s proprietary immunogenicity risk assessment services, and how our tools can be applied to therapeutic antibodies.



This congress is organized by the scientific society LabEx MAbImprove and the industrial organization MabDesign. It is part of the series of Industrial Symposia organized by MAbImprove since 2013, whose previous topics were: Antibodies Biosimilars, MAbDosing, MAbDelivery, Current and Next Generation Antibody Formats, Antibody Drug Conjugates, and Targets for MAbs.

This is the ideal networking conference for scientists, industry leaders, physicians and policy makers interested in therapeutic antibodies. Companies will also have the opportunity to showcase their new products and technologies.

To learn more and/or to register for the symposium, please visit AIS Congress’ official event page.