EpiVax’ very own Dr. Annie De Groot is an invited speaker at the ASHI annual meeting this week. She will be providing a talk on the morning of Tuesday, November 19th,  2013 during the 39th annual meeting of American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) (https://www.ashi-hla.org/) to be held in Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, Chicago.

Dr. De Groot will be discussing how Tregitopes (T regulatory epitopes) play an important role in tolerance, and how they could potentially reduce the effects of transplant rejection. Check out this poster and see how administration of Tregitopes during a murine heart transplant, greatly extended graft survival (#3 on the poster). For more information regarding Tregitopes please see our Tregitope Page and our Tregitope Publications sections.

We hope to see you in Chicago!

epivax epitope protein therapeutic immunogenicity