EpiVax will be attending the upcoming Immunogenicity Summit in DC. EpiVax’ BDA, Anthony Marcello, will be presenting 3 posters (see below) on behalf of the EpiVax science team.

Additionally, one of EpiVax’ Tregitope collaborators, Dr. David W. Scott, will be giving an exciting talk about tolerization approaches to FVIII therapy.


Talk: Wednesday, November 13

3:30 Progress towards Inducing Immunological Tolerance to Factor VIII

David W. Scott
David W. Scott, Ph.D., Professor and Vice Chair, Research, Medicine, Uniformed Services, University of Health Sciences, Bethesda

Many hemophilia A patients treated with therapeutic factor VIII (FVIII) produce neutralizing antibodies to the product, thus rendering this therapy ineffective. Recently, significant progress has been made to modulate this undesirable immune response. Methods to identify immunodominant epitopes in FVIII and the generation of T cell clones against FVIII have aided this progress. Novel approaches to induce tolerance using IgG fusion proteins, nanoparticles, gene therapy and specific T regulatory cells will be discussed.

If you would like to meet at this meeting please contact Anthony Marcello at amarcello@epivax.com.

EpiVax at CHI's Event!

Tregitope Collaborator Dr. David Scott