EpiVax creates recipe for novel vaccine approach to new flu strain

DR. ANNE S. DE GROOT and her team at EpiVax have come up with a novel way to produce a vaccine to combat what she fears may be a serious flu outbreak linked to a new strain of the virus in China.
Posted 4/7/13

PROVIDENCE – An analysis of the new strain of what’s being called Shanghai bird flu, known as H7N9, conducted by Dr. Anne S. De Groot and her team of researchers at EpiVax Inc., has concluded that there may be a need to develop a new vaccine to combat a potential devastating outbreak of the disease.

In addition, De Groot and her EpiVax team have developed recipes for both DNA-based and protein-expression vaccines that they are willing to share with global and federal health authorities. The company’s work is focused on the viral coat and the internal proteins of the H7N9 virus…..


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