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Tregitope Publications

Tregitope, Autoimmunity and Tolerance Publications 

  • De Groot, A.S., Skowron, G., White, J.R. et al. Therapeutic administration of Tregitope-Human Albumin Fusion with Insulin Peptides to promote Antigen-Specific Adaptive Tolerance Induction. Sci Rep 9, 16103 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41598-019-52331-1 Full PDF
  • Leslie Cousens, Nader Najafian, William D. Martin, Anne S. De Groot, Tregitope: Immunomodulation Powerhouse. Human Immunology. Dec 2014. doi:10.1016/j.humimm.2014.10.012 Full PDF.
  • Editorial. Anne S De Groot, Do Tregitopes have the potential to impact the current treatment landscape of autoimmune diseases? Expert Review of Clinical Immunology 2013 9:12, 1155-1157.  Full PDF.
  • Opinion. Anne S. De Groot, Leslie Cousens, Federico Mingozzi, and William Martin, Tregitope Peptides: The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient of IVIG? Clinical and Developmental Immunology, vol. 2013, Article ID 493138, 6 pages, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/493138,  PDF 
  • Commentary. De Groot AS, Terry F, Cousens L. and Martin W.  Beyond humanization and de-immunization: toleration as a method for reducing the immunogenicity of biologics. Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology.  Nov 2013
  • Hui, DJ, Basner-Tschakarjan E., Chen Y.,  Davidson RJ, Buchlis G, Yazicioglu M, Pien, GC Finn JD Haurigot V, Tai A, Scott DW, Cousens LP, Zhou S, De Groot AD, Mingozzi F. Modulation of CD8+ T cell responses to AAV vectors with IgG-derived MHC class II epitopes. Molecular Therapy. July 2013.
  • Inaba H, Moise L, Martin W, De Groot AS, Desrosiers J, Tassone R, Buchman G, Akamizu T, De Groot LJ. Epitope Recognition in HLA-DR3 Transgenic Mice Immunized to TSH-R Protein or Peptides. Endocrinology. 2013 Jun;154(6):2234-43. doi:10.1210/en.2013-1033. Epub 2013 Apr 16. PubMed PMID: 23592747.
  • Leslie P. Cousens, Anne S. De Groot,  David W. Scott, et al. Regulatory T cell epitopes (Tregitopes) in IgG induce tolerance in vivo and lack immunogenicity per se. J. Leukocyte Biology. May 2013
  • Leslie P. Cousens, Yan Sb, Elizabeth McClaine, Xin Li, Frances Terry, Robert Smith, Jinhee Lee, William Martin, David W. Scott Anne S. De Groot Application of IgG-derived natural Treg epitopes (IgG Tregitopes) to antigen-specific tolerance induction in a murine model of type 1 diabetes. April 2013
  • Chapter. Vibha Jawa; Leslie Cousens and De Groot AS, Immunogenicity of Therapeutic Fusion proteins: Contributory Factors and Clinical Experience.Chapter in: Fusion Protein Technologies for Biopharmaceuticals: Applications and Challenges. Stefan R. Schmidt (Editor). John Wiley and Sons, Inc. March 2013.
  • Cousens, Mingozzi, van der Marel, Su, Garman, Ferreira, Martin, Scott, and De Groot. Teaching tolerance: New approaches to enzyme replacement therapy for Pompe disease. Hum Vacc & Immunother. Oct 2012
  • Cousens, Najafian, Mingozzi, Elyaman, Mazer, Moise, Messitt, Su, Sayegh, Khoury, Scott, De Groot. In vitro and in vivo studies of IgG-Derived Treg epitopes (Tregitopes): A Promising New Tool for Tolerance Induction and Treatment of Autoimmunity. J Clin Immunol. Epub Sep 2012
  • Cousens, Tassone, Mazer, Ramachandiran, Scott, De Groot. Tregitope update: Mechanism of action parallels IVIG. Autoimmun Rev. 2012 Aug 28. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 22944299.
  • van der Marel S, Majowicz A, Kwikkers K, van Logtenstein R, te Velde AA, De Groot AS, Meijer SL, van Deventer SJ, Petry H, Hommes DW, Ferreira V.  Adeno-associated virus mediated delivery of Tregitope 167 ameliorates experimental colitis. World J Gastroenterol. Aug 2012.
  • Elyaman W, Khoury SJ, Scott DW, De Groot AS. Potential Application of Tregitopes as Immunomodulating Agents in Multiple Sclerosis. Neurol Res Int. Apr 2011.
  • De Groot AS, Moise L, McMurry JA, Wambre E, Van Overvelt L, Moingeon P, Scott DW, Martin W. Activation of Natural Regulatory T cells by IgG Fc-derived Peptide “Tregitopes”. Blood. Oct 2008.