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Thinking Out Loud (Blog)

Hope is a vaccine / L’espoir, c’est un vaccin

The news from Mali Here in Bamako, life is really not that much different from so many other countries. On the street, the average citizen is still hawking gasoline in glass bottles for 500 CFA, selling sunglasses at traffic stops, or herding goats across the road,...

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Vax Gives Back: Winter 2021 Activities

EpiVax is excited to provide an update on our quarterly charitable giving activities! The local non-profits featured below were selected this quarter by our EpiVax employees, as part of our efforts to support the good work of community partners around Providence,...

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April Newsletter: Tregitopes: What Did Nature Intend?

Tregitopes: What Did Nature Intend? Hey everybody, it's a good idea to pay attention to the forces of Nature, right? When we discovered that IgG (as in monoclonals) contained Treg epitopes (and named them “Tregitopes”) in 2008, we knew that this discovery was a big...

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February Newsletter: Jack as Co-pilot and Zoom buddy

Zoom Fatigue is REAL! Like you, we've been insanely busy with virtual conferences in the last few weeks. We are all REALLY looking forward to meeting in person again. Meanwhile, my Zoom-buddy Jack has become quite the lap(top)-dog!   The good news is that we have...

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