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What’s Cool in 2019? | January Blog

What's Cool in 2019? You! (OK, Your HLA) 2018 brought us the magnificent microbiome, gene-edited pigs and ethical debate about gene-editing people. What are your predictions for 2019? We think that global warming will get worse, and that immunoinformatics will...

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Leslie J. De Groot MD, 1928-2018

Leslie J. DeGroot MD (“Les”) was born on a dairy farm in Fort Edward NY in 1928, dedicated his life to thyroid disease research and endocrinology and died soon after his 90th birthday, on October 23, 2018 in Nonquitt, Massachusetts, surrounded by his many loving grandchildren, children and his wife.

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PANDA: The Newest Product at EpiVax

EpiVax has been awarded a $1 million contract from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to demonstrate and validate the best practices and procedures for assessing generic peptide drugs and related impurities for immunogenic potential.

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