On this installment of Recipes for Success, Annie and Katie sit down to talk with Meena Subramanyam, VP, Global Program Leader and Conditional T cell Engager Platform Lead at Takeda Oncology. Meena attended the EpiVax Women in Biotech Summit that we hosted in New York City in March 2022,  and this conversation is an extension of some of the important discussions that were sparked there.

An accomplished biotechnology leader, Meena shares her career path, starting from her childhood in India where she had an early interest in science, to completing her PhD in 1990 and entering the biotechnology industry at a time when the “academic route” was considered to be the most desired career path after graduate school.

Meena has so much great advice for women navigating the biotech world!  She shares about mentors and sponsors she’s had throughout her career, and how she now enjoys being a mentee to men and women early in their biotech careers, both at her company and in the larger pharmaceutical community.

She also shares the challenges that she faces as a biotech leader, such as advocating for her team and asking for resources necessary for her team’s success, as well as opportunities to create strong professional networks.

A great episode for women looking for inspiration and a model for how to have a successful career in the biotech industry!

Here are links to the two organizations Meena mentioned for folks that want to get involved!


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