Thank you to our wonderful speakers and attendees who made this such a great inaugral seminar! Stay tuned for news on the 2023 event! Scroll down to request recorded talks and see photos from the day!

Request Annie De Groot's Talk "Tregitopes: A Look Back and a Look Forward"

Request Clare Baecher-Allan's Talk "Identifying mechanisms that regulate Treg function in human disease: studies in MS and ALS"

Request David Scott's Talk "Driving CARs to BARs: Tregs as Police CARs"

Request Arjan Stoppelenburg's Talk "A Tolerogenic Dendritic Cell-based Therapy Targeting Heat Shock Protein Specific Regulatory T cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis"

Request Bruce Mazer's Talk "B-cell Exosomal Vesicles Which May Contain Tregitopes as a Key Component of Their Cargo"

Request Marieme Dembele's Talk "Tregitopes Improve Asthma by Promoting Highly Suppressive and Antigen-Specific Tregs"

Request Andres Gutiérrez's Talk "What is the Natural Role of Tregitopes in the B cell Follicle: An Immunoinformatics Analysis of Antibody Maturation"

Request Nadia Tchao's Talk "Insights From Engineering IL-2 Muteins: Results From a Phase 1b Study in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)"

Request Shah Miah's Talk "Identification and Validation of Tregitopes Derived from IgG and from Prevalent Serum Protein Factor V"

Organizing Theme: Activation of  Regulatory T Cells for Induction of Immune Tolerance

Interest in therapeutics specifically for inducing and activating Tregs by various approaches including  administration of Tregitopes, is growing, and we see the need for an annual meeting for academic and industry researchers to share ideas, create new collaborations and continue to expand this growing therapeutic area.

Session 1: Treg cells as Therapeutics
Chair: Dr. David Scott, Uniformed Services University Health System

Session 2: Therapeutics to Induce/Activate Tregs
Chair: Dr. Amy Rosenberg, EpiVax


Annie De Groot,  EpiVax, Inc.
Clare Baecher-Allan,  Harvard Medical School
David Scott, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Arjan Stoppelenburg, Utrecht University
Bruce Mazer, The Research Institute of The McGill University Health Centre
Marieme Dembele, McGill University
Andres Gutiérrez, EpiVax, Inc.
Nadia Tchao, Amgen
Shah Miah, EpiVax, Inc.