EPV-CoV19: The Healthcare Worker Vaccine

EpiVax is dedicated to the discovery and development of a COVID-19 vaccine

Press Release: eTheRNA launches an international consortium and starts development of cross-strain protective CoV-2 mRNA vaccine for high risk populations

Press Release: Generex Signs Contract with EpiVax to Develop Ii-Key Peptide Vaccines to Address the Coronavirus Pandemic

Press Release: EpiVax Accelerates COVID-19 Vaccine Development with UGA’s Center for Vaccines and Immunology

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We are dedicated to applying our tools (in-silico, in-vitro and in-vivo) to re-engineering therapeutic proteins and to designing new vaccines. Discover

We take pride in our ability to put our combined intelligence, experience, and creativity to work to improve human health. Open minds, creative thought and natural curiosity lead to paradigm shifts. Contact us today to learn more.

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