Vaccine Services

EpiVax employs a “Gene-to-Vaccine” design approach for the development of safer, more effective biodefense vaccines against potential bio-warfare agents. Epitopes provide the essential information required to trigger a protective immune response. Our suite of computational tools (EpiMatrix, Conservatrix, etc.) identifies T cell epitopes of interest that we then validate in vitro and in vivo, for use in final vaccine constructs. We are developing several epitope-based vaccines, including COVID-19, Smallpox, Tularemia, TB, H. Pylori, and Influenza.

iVAX is EpiVax’s proprietary web-based vaccine design consists of a suite of immunoinformatics tools for the design of epitope driven vaccines.

Our premise of genome to vaccine has been put into practice for nearly 20 years now and published in highly regarded peer journals.  Please find some of the publications below, and visit our publication search page for more!