Lab-Based Services Overview

EpiVax Lab Based Services

EpiVax offers an array of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo immunogenicity screening services including: cell-free HLA binding assays, a variety of ex vivo immunogenicity assays and in vivo immunogenicity screening in HLA transgenic mice. Our laboratory regularly performs these assays and they are often used to validate our in silico assessments (ISPRI Evaluate).

At EpiVax we use MHC binding assays to validate the predictions made by the EpiMatrix System. Our binding assays utilize recombinant, soluble MHC molecules and time-resolved fluorescence for the highest sensitivity and the lowest background available on the market. We can perform HLA binding assays for the most common Class II alleles.

We are experienced with many cell-based assays including those based on ELISA and ELISpot technologies. These assays are particularly useful for monitoring T cell activation and proliferation. Cell-mediated and antibody-directed cytotoxicity assays can be used to assess the function of epitopes, vaccine constructs, and therapeutic proteins, including monoclonal antibodies.

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T cell response drives B cell response
T cell response drives B cell response – in this example we show how B cell response to influenza is dependent upon T cell response to antibodies against the HA molecule.
We are dedicated to applying our tools (in-silico, in-vitro and in-vivo) to re-engineering therapeutic proteins and to designing new vaccines. For a recent interview highlighting our CEO’s latest ideas, click on the video: