Updated:  Thank you to those that joined us for the seminar!  It was a successful meeting with many wonderful talks.  Please find photos from the event here as well as slide decks from some of our speakers.

Welcome to Immunogenicity and Tolerance; Anne De Groot

Tregitopes improve murine asthma by promoting highly suppressive and anitgen-specific TRegs; Marieme Dembele

Designing superior vaccines for cancer by modifying the HLA-II/TCR interaction; Andy Godkin

Viruses as tools to induce or inhibit cellular immune responses: a case study; Peter De Haan

Assessing the risk of alloimmune responses by scanning the human proteome; Adrian Shepherd



EpiVax is hosting its 5th Annual Immunogenicity and Tolerance Seminar. Our event is scheduled for Friday, November 15, at the Hilton Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The seminar will focus on translational research in the fields of immunogenicity and tolerance, with case studies touching on vaccines and biologics.

Our agenda is filled with wonderful presentations, it is sure to be a great meeting!

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Students = €20 | Non-students = €75

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