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EpiVax is a privately-held biotechnology company based in Providence, RI that is dedicated to the development and implementation of computational immunology tools to benefit the biotechnology industry.

 “EpiVax scientists were very responsive to our needs. They provided important insight into the project and delivered a comprehensive and articulate report.” – Carl Spana, President & CEOPalatin Technologies

EpiVax intends to utilize its scientific and technological assets related to epitope discovery, de-immunization, and vaccine design through a mix of collaborative and internal programs by applying the following business strategies.



Provide epitope discovery and de-immunization services to researchers and developers in both industry and academia


Establish collaborations with pharmaceutical, vaccine, and biotechnology companies, focused on biological targets chosen by the respective collaborators


Conduct internal discovery and design efforts aimed at selected biological targets, retaining a larger economic interest in the subsequently out-licensed lead candidates


Maintain technology leadership in both product development and rapid vaccine design capabilities through grant-funded R&D programs