PreVAX Analysis

Using our proprietary iVAX toolkit, immunoinformatics experts at EpiVax can analyze antigen sequences and compile the results into a comprehensive PreVAX report. The analysis incorporates epitope mapping to identify immunogenic T cell epitopes, regulatory T cell epitopes, sequences conserved across multiple strains, and sequences cross-conserved with the human genome, to provide an assessment of overall and regional immunogenic potential of antigens of interest. The report, which provides expert interpretation on valuable data, can be used to prioritize and optimize antigen sequences. In addition, the PreVAX Analysis report is oftentimes used to support regulatory filings, increasing the likelihood of a favorable review.

In the final PreVAX Report, EpiVax summarizes these detailed findings, including easy to understand data visualization tools, to aid you in making more informed research and regulatory decisions.

EpiVax’s in silico tools select for the minimal, essential antigens of a pathogen responsible for eliciting robust and sustained protective immunity, while also eliminating non-essential information that could lead to the diminished protective immunity and/or immunopathology that are sometimes associated with whole organism vaccines. This approach may appear to impede vaccine design because vital elements that are normally part of a pathogen are removed. However, combining this novel approach with best-in-class adjuvant and delivery technologies can provide for optimal vaccine construction. Therefore, the PreVaX Analysis is is useful in guiding superior vaccine design.

Check out our iVAX publication for more information. 

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