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Thinking Out Loud (Blog)

The Variants are at the Gates!

(Delta) Variants at the Gates Been to the Disco lately? In the Netherlands, dancing is fueling a new wave of COVID infections. You can't ignore the rise of COVID-19 cases globally after the Delta variant began circulating widely in June. Our hearts go out to...

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Fearless Science World Tour

After a year of virtual meetings, EpiVax is thrilled to announce that we will be resuming our much loved Immunogenicity Seminar series in-person, starting Fall 2021! We have an exciting line-up of dates and speakers and we will announce more as they are confirmed....

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Meet the 6 newest EpiVax team members!

EpiVax has been busy helping our clients, and the research flywheel is spinning faster than ever. We needed more talented folks to pitch in! So far we've brought on six wonderful team members in 2021, with more to come soon! Learn more about our new folks below, and...

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Hope is a vaccine / L’espoir, c’est un vaccin

The news from Mali Here in Bamako, life is really not that much different from so many other countries. On the street, the average citizen is still hawking gasoline in glass bottles for 500 CFA, selling sunglasses at traffic stops, or herding goats across the road,...

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Vax Gives Back: Winter 2021 Activities

EpiVax is excited to provide an update on our quarterly charitable giving activities! The local non-profits featured below were selected this quarter by our EpiVax employees, as part of our efforts to support the good work of community partners around Providence,...

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