HT Antibody Immunogenicity Report

HT Antibody Immunogenicity Report

The EpiMatrix High Throughput Antibody Immunogenicity Prediction Report gives an overall assessment of potential clinical immunogenicity for a large set of antibody candidates.

One of the great surprises of the biologics revolution has been the discovery that recombinant human proteins, including humanized and fully-human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), can be immunogenic when administered to immune-competent subjects. Preclinical and clinical evaluations of the immunogenic potential for biologic drugs primarily focus on humoral immune responses; as a result, the critical contribution of T cells to the development of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) has been somewhat overlooked. Using the EpiMatrix T cell epitope mapping system, we have developed an interactive in silico screening and optimization platform that evaluates the overall immunogenic potential of a biologic as well as identifies individual T cell epitope clusters contributing to its immunogenicity. In contrast to other immunogenicity prediction tools, our platform considers the contribution of regulatory T cell epitopes (Tregitopes) to immunogenic potential. Tregitopes are highly conserved T cell epitopes derived from IgG that we and others have shown activate regulatory T cells and promote tolerance induction to associated antigens. In the poster below, we demonstrate the correlation of available clinical immunogenicity data with Tregitope-adjusted immunogenicity scoring for twenty approved mAbs. Further, we present a high-throughput platform from which these scores can be used to triage large pools of candidate mAbs during the discovery phase of antibody development. We have made this high-throughput platform available to our ISPRI users as a free software upgrade. We are also providing High Throughput Reports on a fee-for-service basis for antibody developers.

This type of analysis is suited for assessing large volumes of antibody candidates for their overall and comparative immunogenicity, across the human population. Our HT Reports are highly valued by antibody engineers.


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If you are interested in a highly detailed report the encompasses overall and regional immunogenicity (specifically identifies high affinity epitopes across multiple alleles) then you need a PreDeFT Report.

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