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ISPRI Web-based Immunogenicity Screening

Interactive Screening and Protein Reengineering Interface – ISPRI

ISPRI is a secure, interactive work environment that is seamlessly linked to EpiVax’s proprietary in silico immunogenicity screening toolkit via the Internet. This interactive biologics optimization work environment gives your team access to the same in silico tools used by the EpiVax bioinformatics team. ISPRI can be used for high-throughput screening of partial and complete sequences of biological (protein therapeutic) candidates. The toolkit can identify potentially immunogenic regions (known as epitope clusters) within each protein sequence and map individual amino acids which contribute to the immunogenic potential of the cluster. The output is customized to best fit the needs and preferences of your biologics team.

The secure ISPRI environment can empower Researchers to:
Screen the protein sequences of product candidates for the presence of putative T-cell epitopes (EpiMatrix), rate the immunogenic potential of each sequence on a normalized scale (Immunogenicity Protein Scale) and compare each protein to other immunogenic proteins and antibodies;
Identify T-cell epitope clusters (ClustiMer) contained within product candidates;
Evaluate the immunogenic potential of each T-cell epitope cluster (Cluster Report), rate the immunogenic potential of each T-cell epitope cluster on a normalized scale (Immunogenicity Cluster Scale), and compare each T-cell epitope cluster to other well-known immunogenic epitope clusters;
Identify putative regulatory T-cell epitopes within antibodies (i.e. sub-regions of sequences which may relate to natural regulatory T cells and which may dampen the immune potential of the sequence);
Blast T-cell epitope clusters against the IEDB database of known HLA ligands and epitopes;
Blast T-cell epitope clusters against the non-redundant protein or patent database at GenBank;
Redesign proteins with the OptiMatrix algorithm. OptiMatrix provides a real time list of critical amino acid residues and potential amino acid substitutions that are conserved in existing databases (based on published sequences) and that do not introduce new epitopes.

The integration of the ISPRI system into the biologics discovery process and product development is a powerful proposition that will save time, money, and precious resources. ISPRI accelerates products toward clinical testing and the market. Applying the EpiMatrix toolkit of unique technologies to new product candidates will increase the number of viable leads available for development, further enhancing the quality and value of an R&D pipeline.

ISPRI is a comprehensive service, available 24/7 with significant support from the EpiVax Bioinformatics team. Eight of the ten largest biopharma companies worldwide have adopted ISPRI as part of the R&D process.

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