Fluidity over Division

I have a confession to make. I am transfixed by Kpop. Well, actually, just BTS. I hadn’t been paying attention, honestly, until Kpop fans upended a Trump campaign event in Tulsa. And one thing led to another and there they wereWho are they? Boy or Girl? Check out Dynamite, or their Tiny Desk Concert, for a moment of pure, effervescent, unfettered, joy, They are followed by an Army (that’s their fanbase) that raised $1M in one day to match BTS’ donation to BLM. And there’s more here.

To continue that thought… What is it about our brain’s desire to divide rather than unite. Right versus Wrong. Black versus White. Straight versus Gay. Are the divisions that stark? We think not. And, as difficult as it is to categorize life forms, so too, T-cell receptors can be just as fluid as people. Treg or T effector? On that note, check out the new Factor 621 Tregitope in Clinical Immunology. For more about the Tregitope program, check it out here!

We are PANDA

What if we decided to predict the immunogenicity of every imaginable impurity that could be invented for a given generic peptide? Well, now, Yes we can! Thanks to Bill Martin, we’re developing the What-if Machine (WhIM), a new in silico tool that can generate a list of all potential impurities that may occur at any residue of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). This cool new technology will enable synthetic peptide drug companies to de-risk, early in the development process. Want to know more? Check out our PANDA program, Please do!

And don’t miss Jack’s cameo (woof!) in my presentation on the PANDA program on Tuesday, January 26th, at the FDA’s Non-clinical Immunogenicity Assessment of Generic Peptide Products: Development, Validation, and Sampling, webinar. Next time I will feed Jack dinner before recording my talk! We hope you’ll join us!  It’s free! Register here.

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