First Class? (Class I)

Are you working with mRNA, CAR-T, or gene/cell therapy? Then this is news that you can use! EpiVax has First Class HLA Class I prediction tools.  Assessing the immunogenicity risk of “new modalities”  includes CTL (Class I) epitopes, addition to HLA Class II. Here’s a primer on why Class I is important.

For large pharma clients licensing ISPRI, Class I will be rolled out for “self-service” use in 2022. And, custom Class I analysis is available NOW for your gene/cellular therapies. Here’s the skinny…Email us here to let us know you have a Class I Analysis project. Please get in touch with us as early as you can, to book your analysis before the holidays!

Matt’s Cool New Tools 

To celebrate the roll out of our latest and greatest immuno-informatic tool, the What-if Machine (WhIM) for the FDA, we surprised the Matt Ardito, Director of IT, at TGIF — celebrating Professor Farnsworth who invented the original What If Machine. Any Futurama fans out there??

WhIM is being evaluated by the FDA for use with generic peptide ANDAs. It assesses the risk of all possible impurities (well almost all) that could be introduced in the synthesis of generic peptides. This is just one of many custom websites being developed by Matt Ardito and his developer team. Know any programming all-stars? Matt is hiring!

Recipes for Success Vlog!

What’s a Vlog? it’s a video podcast on women in biotech (Recipes for Succces), and we are pleased to share the inaugural episode!

Listen/Watch Here:

I cooked while chatting with Vibha Jawa (BMS), Sophie Tourdot (Pfizer), Amy Rosenberg (formerly FDA, now EpiVax) and Katie Porter (EpiVax) about living with COVID-19, vaccine mandates, and our experience as women in Biotech. The recipe for this episode was Roasted Celeriac by Yotam Ottolenghi. Yum! Would you like to be featured in a future session? Let me know!

Coming to a City Near YOU!

There is still time to register for the Immunogenicity & Tolerance Seminar, Nov. 4th and 5th 2021 in Amsterdam. Check out the extra great list of speakers! Are you nearby? Register here to join us! If you can’t be there in person, we will record parts of the seminar for on-demand viewing afterwards (on-demand interest list here).

Katie and I will then travel to  Basel for the European Festival of Biologics. Are you going? Let us know and let’s meet!

Face to Face at AAPS PharmSci360 

We broke through the Zoom wall at AAPS PharmSci360 and enjoyed seeing everyone in person at the rocking EpiVax cocktail party! Did you miss out?  Good news, you can see the pictures and find the recorded talks and posters on our website!


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