Dr. Anne De Groot will be participating in the 8th annual AIS “Multispecific Abs, Ab-like molecules and adoptive cell therapy for fighting diseases”

Dr. De Groot will be speaking on Tuesday Nov 24, during the Track From Preclinical to Drug Approval at 2:00PM CET (8:00AM ET). Her talk: Immunogenicity of Biologic Drug Product Impurities: Two Case Studies will focus on EpiVax’s multi-phased approach on the assessment of immunogenic risk. The first step is to apply cutting edge in silico tools such as EpiMatrix and JanusMatrix. The second step is to confirm the in silico risk assessment in an orthogonal assay such as HLA binding and/or T cell assays. The third step is to assess whether tolerizing Treg epitopes are present and to assess their ability to modulate immunogenicity.

We hope that you will join her live for the chat, but if you cannot please reach out to info@epivax.com for more information about our immunogenicity risk assessment program for biologics.