As a woman-led and women-owned company in biotech, EpiVax is a statistical outlier in the male dominated world of STEM.

In an effort to address some of the gender disparities in our industry, Dr. Annie De Groot  and EpiVax’s Katie Porter launched the “Recipes for Success” podcast in 2021 to encourage discussion on this important topic, and offer advice and mentorship to the next generation of women scientists.

On March 14 2022 Annie and Katie organized the 1st Annual Women in Biotech Summit at the Edition Hotel in New York City. This intimate, invite-only gathering of women in the industry built off some of the earlier discussions we’ve had with guests on the podcast.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the inaugural meeting! We are planning to expand on many of the discussion topics during upcoming podcast episodes, and there was strong consensus from the group that these important conversations should continue. We are planning another in-person event for 2023…

The Recipes for Success Podcast  will feature interviews with some of the meeting participants including:

Manon Cox, former CEO of Protein Sciences Corporation and now CEO at NextWaveBio & Director at Vaxxas.
Meena Subramanyam, Vice President & Global Program Leader, Takeda Oncology


Agenda and pictures from the event below!