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Purpose of Meeting:

Immunogenicity Determinants and Correlates is a non-commercial meeting, sponsored by the Institute for Immunology and Informatics (University of Rhode Island)  and organized by individuals from a wide range of backgrounds including industry and academics as well as regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EMEA and NIHS (Japan).

Organizers for this meeting include: Michel Awwad, Pfizer; Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Dartmouth; Michael Brehm, UMass; Sara Brett, GSK, Leslie Cousens, EpiVax; Annie De Groot, EpiVax; Eric Furfine; Eleven; David Scott, USUHS; Terry Goletz, Amgen; Anish Suri, Bristol Myers Squibb; Nick Marsh, Adnexus; Dale Greiner, UMass; Bonita Rup, Pfizer; Daniela Verthelyi, FDA; Eric Wakshull, Genentech; Denice Spero, URI; Alan Rothman, URI; Amy Rosenberg, FDA.

The goal of this meeting is to provide an opportunity to discuss the drivers of  immunogenicity and the application of scientific research to improving protein therapeutics and vaccines; to bring vaccine experts, immunologists, and protein therapeutics developers together for discussion of the latest determinants, correlates, and models for predicting immunogenicity. Interactive panels and poster sessions have been designed to encourage the exchange of information on the best methods for predicting and mitigating immunogenicity to cross-pollinate between vaccine and protein therapeutics fields.

Registration for the meeting includes registration for the Tregitope Update (click  for more information), Participation in the Tregitope Update is included in the IDC Registration fee. Alternatively registrants may wish to participate in the TRIAD iVAX Toolkit workshop, where immunogenicity screening and vaccine design tools supported by the TRIAD grant ( will be showcased.

DATE: May 9 -11 (Monday Tuesday)

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May 9-10 – Presentations and Panel Discussions

May 11 Vaccine Design: TRIAD TOOLKIT @ iCUBED

Alternative May 11 – Tregitope Update (click here for info)




The TRIAD “iVAX” toolkit training will take place at the iCubed: Registration for the Toolkit Training is free (but seating is limited, so please use the link to register).

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