HI + AI + SMC = EpiVax 2.0

Oh my, oh my! Artificial intelligence (AI) developers and media pundits are predicting ‘an extinction event’, if AI runs rampant. While their warnings should be heeded, AI is already ‘out of the box’. And since we’ve been out of the box for a while, for EpiVax 2.0 we plan to apply the power of artificial intelligence tools to boost the accuracy and utility of our algorithms. As always, we will incorporate Human Intelligence (HI) to judge just where and how to apply AI. In addition, our use of AI will integrate solid ethical principles.

Here’s my plan for Armageddon: Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence + Strong Moral Compass = EpiVax 2.0

Why EpiVax 2.0? Because we’re 25 years old (Check out the pictures from our 25th birthday party!). We’re making plans to keep rocking it out for the next 25 years. In healthcare and biotech, this means implementing AI to improve vaccine and biologics design outcomes and to promote health equity. That is wholly consistent with EpiVax’s mission: to improve human health everywhere. Read more about our plans for EpiVax 2.0 here. And come have some birthday cake with us (at BIO!) (See next blog entry!)

EpiVax at BIO International

Will we see you at BIO International, June 5-8th? We’re still celebrating our birthday (Hats! Tiaras! Balloons!)… can we entice you with a slice of birthday cake?

We will be hanging out with the rest of the quahogs at the Rhode Island Pavilion, so please be sure to drop by and say hi (booth #1985).

We’ll have some birthday surprises and fancy new EpiVax merch to share with you!

Collaborating for Good

Announcing our partnership with Charles River Laboratories! As of May 2023, EpiVax and Charles River are working together to expand your options for immunogenicity risk mitigation, accelerating your discovery and streamlining your candidate selection process. Truly a win-win!

Stay tuned for the full announcement, coming very soon.

It’s a Pig Deal

The latest Epi-Paper is out! And it’s yet another success for EpiCC! Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) is an RNA virus that has diversified in recent years, making the selection of the ‘best vaccine’ more difficult for pork producers.

In collaboration with one of the world’s leading animal health companies, Zoetis, we are using the Epitope Content Comparison tool (EpiCC) to predict vaccine efficacy.

In this paper, we show that a bivalent vaccine containing PCV2a and PCV2b capsid antigens showed much higher T cell epitope coverage than vaccines based on PCV2a alone for a geographically diverse sample of recent PCV2 isolates. Check out my thread on LinkedIn, hashtagged #atooladay if you want to learn more about our unique and exciting vaccine design and immunogenicity tools! 

Read the full publication here.