EpiVax 2.0 is coming…

EpiVax has developed a science-driven, computationally-enabled, solutions-oriented approach to Vaccines and Biologics over 25 years! . . . Stay tuned for an update on our new mission and vision (EpiVax 2.0) for our 25th Birthday Year in 2023! And if you know me,  you know that means … parties!


We’re matching your generosity this Holiday Season!

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
– Maya Angelou
EpiVax’s VaxGivesBack Fund kicked the holiday off by partnering with AIDS Care Ocean State  and Clinica Esperanza/Hope Clinic to distribute gifts to local children! Pictures of the gift giveway at CEHC last weekend are linked here. 😊

Thinking globally while acting locally, we also encourage you to pick the local non-profit that you want to support in your areaand we’ll match your gift*! Send us your donation record before December 31 and the “VaxGivesBack” Fund will double your impact. (*within reason!).

This will be the 4th year that a significant portion of our revenue is allocated to charitable foundations, through the employee-led charitable giving committee (VaxGivesBack) or by matching YOUR donations. We have discovered that many of you are very dedicated philanthropists! It’s great to get to know you better while also ‘giving back’ at EpiVax.

VaxGivesBack has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to non-profits such as Care (to support women and children in Ukraine),  World Central Kitchen (to help displaced individuals in Ukraine and Puerto Rico) and the Tomorrow Fund. Our donations during this post-pandemic period support communities that are still struggling for health and economic equity all over the world.


By land, by sea, by Shinkansen… 

Katie Porter, Sarah Moniz and I are back on bullet trains (see below), planes and … all modes of transportation for business travel. Please take a look at the list of locations that we’ll be traveling to in 2023 – we’d be happy to see you!

Thus far, we have … Animal health at CRWAD in Chicago in January (Brrrrrr!) and then we’ll be talking at the TIDES conference in Kyoto in MarchCIMT in May, and Tokyo (Westin Seminar) in the fall.  Let us know if you want a visit, seminar, or a get together with us. Even though we’ll be out and about, the science keeps on going.

For instance, we’re already hard at work on our new $2M grant funded by the FDA to study Host Cell Proteins (HCP’s), both in silico and in vitro.

Also – Vaccines are in demand! Stay tuned for progress in COVID related to our  project to develop a universal coronavirus vaccine (using our iVAX tools) with Intravacc in the EU. We are developing more and more collaborations in vaccines and still making progress with our cancer vaccine spinout, EpiVax Therapeutics.


Everyone Loves Our T E A! (Trusted, Expert, Advice)

We’re pleased to let you know that former FDA Immunogenicity team member, Dr. Amy Rosenberg, is now available to provide you with immunogenicity risk assessment advice that is tailored to your productAmy has 30 years of experience in the immunogenicity field and a broad view on all aspects of the FDA regulatory process.

Dr. Rosenberg is the principal author of the FDA risk assessment guidance “Immunogenicity Assessment for Therapeutic Protein Products” (2014)

Don’t wait! Book time with Amy who can provide you with consulting support for regulatory filings related to the FDA’s immunogenicity guidance.