EpiVax provides Free Access to Vaccine Design Analysis for Ebola Zaire

August 16th 2014

As of today, the Western African outbreak of Ebola has claimed more than 2000 victims and there have been more than 1000 deaths. Medecins sans Frontières has declared the situation to be ‘out of control’.

In an effort to provide some help, we have analyzed the sequence of the current outbreak virus and provided key T cell epitopes that could be used for T cell assays or vaccine design.

The slides are provided below, they are marked non-confidential, and the information is available for use free of any charge of royalty. We only ask that you mention that EpiVax provided the information.

For a papers on our FastVax approach to making vaccines, see here:

Citations are in the slide deck and also linked here.

For a brief interview about our work and our thoughts about Ebola, see here.

Let us know if you have any questions by writing us here.