EpiVax Opening in Europe and Quick Update!

EpiVax is expanding!  To provide better service to our European customers and in keeping with our Dutch heritage, we have established a new location for EpiVax operations in Amsterdam, where Phoebe De Groot will serve as a strategic communications coordinator for our European clients and represent EpiVax at biotech events. Contact Phoebe (yes, you guessed it – a De Groot V3.0) here to arrange an in person meeting. Lunch is on us!
. . .  and while you are waiting for Phoebe to arrive at your location, please check out two new publications: Our (so-called) T-Cell dependent Immunogenicity ‘White Paper’ co-authored with colleagues from Amgen, Genentech, Roche, and (thanks Daniel!) a recent paper about scoring antibody sequences for ‘human-ness’ using our ISPRI system – written by Daniel Seeliger of Boehringer Ingelheim.

He finds that Tregitope-adjusted EpiMatrix score nicely differentiates non-human antibody sequences from those that are more human-like (regardless of origin). (See figure below). The paper can be found on-line at this link: https://bit.ly/PlosOne_ISPRI.

To learn more about immunogenicity screening using our tools, please click the links at the left, or contact our business development associates, Phoebe De Groot (Europe), Keizo Yoshida (Japan), or Anthony Marcello (Americas).


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