Reducing Immunogenicity with DeFT Engineering

EpiVax is highly trusted by drug developers at large and small biopharma world-wide. We have accurately predicted immunogenicity in humans (published) and a major portion of our success is derived from providing immunogenicity screening services (PreDeFT, ISPRI and Lab Services). What some of you might not know, is we can (and have) deimmunized immunogenic biologics. We have done so without inhibiting function.

Our deimmunization process, called DeFT™ (Deimmunization of a Functional Therapeutic), is cost effective and highly accurate in establishing and eliminating the immunogenic risks hidden within your protein therapeutic or biologic. DeFT is a tested process of analysis, reengineering and confirmation. We provide critical immunogenic data about the protein of interested. We target amino acids that are crucial to MHC binding for mutation, while striving to preserve protein function. Minimal modification of a few non-functional amino acid residues have proven in the past to greatly reduce immune response. Pleas see the link below for more information.

Full DeFT Information Page Here 

OptiMatrix Modification Deimmunization Image