In with the New!

At this point in our evolution as a company, we can affirm that change is good! As promised, EpiVax 2.0 is emerging in 2024, with new products and new leaders!

First, say hello to our new CEO, Rich-Henry Schabowsky, PhD JD. Rich-Henry is no stranger to EpiVax and a welcome addition to the team. We’re also happy to welcome our new CFO, Brad Crevier, JD

But never fear, Annie and Bill are still here! Together, we’re building EpiVax 2.0, a company that will integrate AI and Human Intelligence with Fearless Science for the next 25 years.

EpiVax 2.0 is emerging in 2024, with new products and new leaders! Welcome Rich-Henry and Brad.

While this change is not new to us, you are the first to know! More details on the rationale behind the change will be available soon, so, sign up to get the formal Press Release in coming months, all about EpiVax 2.0!


New EpiVax 2.0 Products

We recently revamped EpiVax immunogenicity risk assessment offerings to better serve you. Now, you have an option for each the phase of the R and D process from “Downselect” to “Quantify” and … “ISI“, we’re providing you with actionable information that is right-sized and tuned to your needs.

First, check out ISPRI Downselect which provides high throughput immunogenicity assessment for multiple candidates. Pick the candidates with the best immunogenicity profiles to bring forward to the next stage of development.

Next, you can use ISPRI Quantify. This rapid and precise in silico immunogenicity profile of your lead asset will give you “just the facts” for a fast turnaround. The data can be used for presentations to investors or to quickly assess a lead candidate. This comprehensive profile of your lead candidate includes a global immunogenicity and humanness assessment, and an epitope content breakdown. It’s Fast and Epi-Accurate. Shout out to our friend and triathlete Eric Furfine for this idea!

Picked your final candidate? Then you need ISPRI EvaluateThis more comprehensive risk assessment report provides details on the overall and regional immunogenic potential of a protein therapeutic. Add-ons are available to integrate expert interpretation (by Annie and Amy among others) of in silico results with the anticipated clinical context for the candidate therapeutic.

Ready to file? then you need Epi-ISI.  EpiVax experts will work with you to develop an Integrated Summary of Immunogenicity (ISI) for your candidate. This report brings manufacturing, non-clinical and clinical immunogenicity considerations together with an eye towards clinical monitoring and regulatory considerations (includes a combination of in silico and in vitro services). This one is still in the works, so keep an eye out for our updates soon! 


ISPRI for Bi-Specifics? Yes we Can! 

BMS used ISPRI to identify the most promising “detuned” anti-CD47 Fab variant to produce a Bi-Specific with acceptable stabilities and lower immunogenic risk.


Save the Date! 

Local luminaries from Brown University, University of Rhode Island, and the region, who are working at the AI/HI interface will be speaking. Be on the lookout for the speaker list and agenda, coming soon. I’ll be there both days, and I look forward to seeing you!

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