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We’re never too old (or too young!) to learn new things.

I am always thrilled to meet people who are challenging paradigms. At a meeting last week, I heard about using ADCC (antibody dependent cytotoxicity) to kill tumors, and learned that clinicians are now using a cocktail of monoclonals, depending on the patient’s cancer gene profile. We’re only a step away . . . from using the same cancer profile to generate personalized cancer vaccines. I can see the future!

What’s this all about? Well, some clinicians are using a multi- Mab-cocktail approach to treating cancer (remember HIV and TB? yes, just like that). Louis Wiener, from Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown, was the speaker. He has used gene upregulation to identify cancer targets for his patients, and then combines antibodies in a cocktail in a personalized medicine approach. He explained that Mab targeting creates an opportunity to use ADCC to destroy tumors, leading to presentation of antigens to T cells. Now that makes more sense to me than postulating that the antibodies (Herceptin, e.g.) are clearing the cancers! (I admit to a bit of a T cell bias).

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