Matt Ardito (EpiVax IMF [immunoinformatics] team-member) did a quick analysis of the new Ebola sequences on Friday August 29th. He downloaded the newly published Ebolavirus GP proteins from GenBank. After loading the new sequences (from into IVAX, he selected the 16 original Ebola clusters that EpiVax immunoinformatician Guilhem Richard (IMF team-member) found in his original analysis and performed a local homology analysis against the 99 GP proteins. Of the 16 clusters, 13 are 100% conserved in the set of 99 Ebolavirus proteins. The remaining three sequences (SIPLGVIHNSTLQVSDVD, ESRFTPQFLLQLNETIYTSGK, andTEDHKIMASENSSAMVQ) have only 1 trivial mismatch.

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