22 Years of Preparation for this Coronavirus Moment

Infectious Disease experts and vaccinologists? Not usually your favorite person at the cocktail party, but then, we didn’t have Coronavirus, right? To be honest, it’s nice that my neighbors are stopping me in the drive way and texting me (a lot!) right now. I’m feeling the love! How about you? Tell me your coronavirus story here (or ask me a question!)

Does Biotechnology have the solution to this global health crisis? Well, those of us who may have solutions are working as hard as we can, right? Our mantra is “Pivot, don’t Panic” to address the chaos that has been imposed by this pandemic.

In fact, everyone (who can, except for Annie and Bill) will be working from home next week, based on recommendations from the state. We are protecting our lab members who have become V.I.Ps – as they are working on the coronavirus vaccine. We are working with developers of nine different platforms to expedite the delivery of a vaccine to the clinic. For our Francophone friends, EpiVax participe dans une émission sur “la cours au vaccin” sur le programme “20 Heures” de France 2, ce soir. EpiVax is featured on French television tonight at 8 PM.

Why? because we have prepared for more than 20 years for this moment. We can design an effective, and safe COVID-19 vaccine on demand. Please check out this link if you want to know more on:

Not interested in COVID-19? Don’t worry – we remain committed to delivering your results! EpiVax remains 100% engaged in analysis, research, tools and laboratory support during this critical time.

And, we are taking precautions. As the public health threat escalates, we want to assure you that EpiVax has implemented all precautionary measures recommended in the Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan, Prepare and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 developed by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). Please feel free to reach out to us by emailing info@epivax.com with any questions or concerns.

EpiVax “Race to the Vaccine” on France 2 20 Heures

On Saturday 14Mar 2020 I will will describe EpIVax’s plans to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 coverage on 20h on France 2 with host Anne-Sophie Lapix.