What’s not to like?  In this free, online article located at Immunology and Cell Biology website (click here), the authors describe how immunoinformatics tools are rapidly accelerating vaccine design.

They describe how EpiMatrix works, and go on to say, that “the EpiMatrix platform is also closely tied with additional computational tools such as ClustiMer (scans EpiMatrix results for T-cell epitope ‘clusters’), BlastiMer (automated BLAST search tool), OptiMatrix (involved in deimmunizing sequences), Conservatrix (involved in finding conserved epitopes) and Vaccine CAD (an in silico vaccine design algorithm).”

The authors, Danylo Sirskyj, Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, Ashkan Golshani, Ashok Kumar and Ali Azi of University of Ottawa, also state that  “One of the more comprehensive programs seems to be EpiMatrix from EpiVax Inc. (https://www.epivax.com/).”

We couldn’t agree more. We like balmy weather, and really good chocolate too. What’s not to like?