Why is antigen-specificity key for biologics? 

Annie De Groot, MD, CEO and CSO of EpiVax will be speaking at the CHI Immunogenicity summit on this topic, November 19th at 3 PM.
It’s well known that tolerance can be induced by powerful transplant drugs but combining those powerful agents with biologics would not be generally acceptable (certainly not by patients!). What’s the better alternative? Antigen-specific tolerance by ‘natural’ means – induction of nTregs by Tregitope in the presence of effector T cells that are then modulated to become antigen-specific Tregs. That’s the topic of my talk at the CHI Conference in Bethesda MD tomorrow afternoon. Annie De Groot will be describing the antigen-specific tolerance inducing effects of Tregitopes at the CHI conference on Immunogenicity, including work done by Federico Mingozzi (currently at Genethon, publication here) and Nader Najafian – see our new open access publication on Tregitopes and Ag-specific tolerance linked here.