From October 25th to the 28th EpiVax will be represented at the Boulder Peptide Symposium in Boulder, CO by Dr. Brian Roberts, Scientific Director of Protein Therapeutics and Aimee Mattei, Immunoinformatics Program Manager, Peptide Therapeutics.

Aimee and Brian will present the following posters!

The posters will include a look at our What If Machine (WhIM),  The EpiVax Approach to in silico risk assessment for peptides with unnatural amino acids, and lastly our PANDA process for synthetic generic peptide producers seeking an ANDA filing with the FDA.

.Boulder Peptide Symposium

The Boulder Peptide Society is a non-profit 501(3)c organization dedicated to supporting the advancement of peptide therapeutics.  Each year, the organization hosts the Boulder Peptide Symposium which is a key vehicle for driving the science and technology in this important field.  The Boulder Peptide Symposium seeks to bring together key decision leaders from both industry and academia to discuss the future of peptide therapeutics. Peptide therapeutics are potent and highly selective yet their development into effective treatments can be challenged by limited delivery routes, product stability, manufacturing challenges and an evolving regulatory landscape. BPS is the key forum where these challenges will be identified, discussed, and one day—addressed.

For more information on the BPS and/or to register for the symposium please visit the event page.