Aah, Europe! EpiVax is taking a Euro trip this spring, but no, we won’t be roughing it in hostels – we’ll be at conferences and meeting with our EU-based partners, working on collaborations that aim to make protein therapeutics safe, vaccines effective and develop innovative solutions to immunogenicity problems.

First stop – Amsterdam to meet Phoebe De Groot, newest Science and Technology Associate, at our European “HQ”.  And then – Portugal! Provence! Paris!

Please take a look at the list of destinations – And let us know – if we we’ll be coming to your city, we would be happy to schedule a visit.

February 24th to 26th – Lisbon, Portugal for the Sixth Open Scientific EIP Symposium on the Immunogenicity of Biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Anne De Groot will be speaking Wednesday the 26th on Treg Epitopes. Check out the EIP Symposium program here.

March 10th to 12th – Turin, Italy for BIO Europe Spring 2014. We will holding partnering meetings and getting to know the European Biotech market. If you are attending please don’t hesitate to send a partnering request. 

March 26th to 30th – Nice, France for the 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity. We are hosting a scientific session entitled “Tregitopes and Tregs in Autoimmunity” on Saturday, March 29th from 10:30 to 12:30. Don’t miss talks from Dr. Anne De Groot, Dr. Leslie Cousens, Dr. Miriam Souroujon and others. Dr. De Groot and Dr. Cousens will also be giving talks in the “IVIG and AutoImmunity” Session Thursday, March 27th and “Tolerance and Immunoregulation in Autoimmunity” March 30th, respectively.

March 30th to April 5th we will be visiting our clients, collaborators and other interested parties as we hop to Frankfurt, Marseilles, Lyon, Paris, Amsterdam and Leiden. If we will be nearby and you wish to arrange a meeting please contact our European representative at pdegroot@epivax.com to schedule a meeting.

Hope to see you in Europe!

EpiVax in Europe