May 9, 10 and 11
1st Immunogenicity – Determinates and Correlates
Providence, RI

Annie De Groot, University of Rhode Island
Advisory Board

Eric Furfine
Terry Goletz, Amgen
Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Dartmouth
Leslie Cousens, EpiVax Inc.
Daniela Verthelyi, FDA
Eric Wakshull, Genentech
Bonita Rup, Pfizer
Michael Brehm, UMass
David Scott, USUHS
Anish Suri, Bristol Myers Squibb
Nick Marsh, Adnexus
Dale Greiner, UMass

Preliminary Agenda

Session I:   Determinants – Predicting Immunogenicity
Session Chair and Panel Leaders: Bonnie Rup, Pfizer and Terry Goletz, Amgen

Session II: Correlates – Biomarkers and Model Systems
Session Chair and Panel Leaders: Michel Brehm, UMass and David Scott, USUHS

Session III: Risk Mitigation – Preclinical Studies and Clinical Studies
Session Chair and Panel Leaders: Eric Furfine and Naren Chirmule, Amgen

Session IV: Case Studies

To be held in conjuction with the TRIAD Toolkit and Tregitope Meeting May 11th.