Tregitope Nice

The 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity has kicked off! We are looking forwards to the presentations over the next 5 days, sure to be insightful and innovative.

If you haven’t heard EpiVax is hosting Tregitope Nice – a scientific symposium entitled “Tregitopes and Tregs in Autoimmunity” on Saturday, March 29th. Meet us at 10:30 in the Hermes room for two hours of exciting talks regarding the critical link between T reg activation and the future of treatment for autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Leslie Cousens, Dr. David Scott and Dr. Annie De Groot will also be chairing and speaking at other events throughout the conference.

Be sure to visit EpiVax at the following events:

Thursday March 27th 4:30 to 6:30 in Gallieni 4
IVIG and Autoimmunity
chaired by Dr. Annie De Groot

6:10 to 6:20pm: “Antigen-Specific Tolerance and Treatment Type 1 Diabetes with Tregitopes” presented by Dr. Leslie Cousens

Saturday March 29th 10:30 to 12:30 in Hermes
Tregitopes and Tregs in Autoimmunity
Chaired by Dr. Annie De Groot and Dr. Leslie Cousens

10:30 to 10:50 am “Tregitopes: The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in IVIG?
presented by Dr. Annie De Groot

11:10 to 11:20 am “Antigen-Specific Modulation of T Cell Immunity with IgG-derived MHC Class II Regulatory T Cell Epitopes (Tregitopes)” presented by Dr. Leslie Cousens

Sunday March 30th 11:30 to 11:40
Tolerance & Immunoregulation in Autoimmunity
Tregitope-Mediated Antigen-Specific Tolerance Induction in Autoimmune and Allergic Disease In Vivo” presented by Dr. Leslie Cousens

And finally, join us at Vini Mundo at 32 Avenue de République Friday, March 28th at 7pm for the Tregitope Nice Wine Reception.

We hope to see you at the congress – if you wish to set up a meeting please contact  Phoebe De Groot at