The whirlwind travel season is upon us. We’re presenting our tolerance induction and immunogenicity research at the following conferences in September – contact us for details.

Sept 14-17          The 2nd International Forum on Ig Research (IFIR)

Tregitopes: mechanism of action and applications to autoimmunity

Sept 19-20           4th Antibody Discovery and Development Forum [Amsterdam]

Tolerance instead of Immunosuppression for Immunogenicity

Sept 27th            Westin Immunogenicity Seminar
Kiri Room, The Westin Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
• The determinants and correlates of immunogenicity

• Tregitope applications to protein medicine

• ISPRI and iVAX web-based tools for protein and vaccine design

(Seats at the Westin Immunogenicity Seminar are limited. Contact cmilleriv[at] or Dr. Keizo Yoshida, EpiVax Japan, to register)

Tregitopes reduce immune responses by inducing nTregs to expand in number and interact with dendritic cells and effector T cells; Tregitopes specifically activate CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ natural regulatory T cells (nTregs) in vitro and in vivo; and co-incubation of antigens with Tregitopes leads to suppression of effector responses including cytokine secretion, expansion of antigen-specific adaptive Tregs and reduced effector T cell proliferation. Dendritic cell phenotype is also modulated after exposure to Tregitopes. During these presentations I will summarize the work of 6 collaborating laboratories and report recent unpublished studies related to mechanism of action and the relevance of Tregitopes to the mechanism of action of IVIG. Tregitopes represent an opportunity to rethink therapy for autoimmune diseases, to develop new approaches to transplantation, gene therapy and allergy, and to create safer, more effective protein therapeutics.