This I Believe – Rhode Island – Anne De Groot

This I Believe — Rhode Island” host Frederic Reamer asks Annie to share what she believes about Health Care. (Player requires Flash and JavaScript)

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“If we have learned anything as a nation in recent years, it’s that we cannot afford to take basic health care for granted. The issue dominates political debate and media headlines, and with good reason. As Dr. Annie De Groot reminds us, health care is a vital issue, not only for our nation, but for our world.

De Groot is Associate Professor of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Brown University, and devotes most of her time to directing the scientific affairs of EpiVax, a biotech company located in Providence, where she is CEO and Chief Scientific Officer. De Groot focuses on the development of vaccines that are globally relevant and affordable to the persons at greatest risk of disease. De Groot also serves as Medical Director of Clinica Esperanza/Hope Clinic.”