EpiVax was profiled in an article for Xconomy, which lists five "firms to watch" in Rhode Island who have utilized innovative strategies to grow their companies despite an period of economic downturn that has affected both the state and the country.

Specifically, the article states that: "EpiVax uses an informatics system developed by founder and CEO Annie De Groot to discover how certain drugs elicit unwanted immune responses. The 10-year-old biotech firm has applied its “computational immunology” expertise to optimize existing drugs as a service to large pharmaceutical firms and to develop its own vaccines for HIV, TB, tularemia, and other serious illnesses."

The complete article can be found here: https://www.xconomy.com/boston/2008/11/06/ri-turns-to-innovation-economy-in-face-of-record-job-losses-a-list-of-tech-and-life-sciences-firms-in-the-state-to-watch/2/