Check out the new publications from the EpiVax team in Volume 7, No. 2 of Immunome Research !

Research Article

A comparison of two methods for T cell epitope mapping: “cell free” in vitro versus Immunoinformatics PDF
Timothy James Messitt, Francis Terry, Leonard Moise, William Martin, Anne Searls De Groot
Immunogenic Consensus Sequence T helper Epitopes for a Pan-Burkholderia Biodefense Vaccine PDF
Anne De Groot, Matthew Ardito, Leonard Moise, Eric A Gustafson, Denice Spero, William Martin, Gloria Tejada
An Integrated Genomic and Immunoinformatic Approach to H. Pylori Vaccine Design PDF
Matthew Ardito, Joanna Fueyo, Ryan Tassone, Frances Terry, Kristen DaSilva, Songhua Zhang, William Martin, Anne De Groot, Steven Moss, Leonard Moise